Italian Style Home Decor Ideas

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Combining Old With New

Mixing up both old and new styles in interior design is very common for Italian designs you don’t have a beautiful, aging, old building, don’t worry because you can still recreate with the use of Italian design. Using antique or vintage furniture can add a rustic touch and help to make a contemporary home.

A Clever Use of Space

If you’ve ever seen local homes in Italy, then you may be aware that many Italian homes tend to be pretty cozy and apartments with limited space are common. For this reason, Italian designs can be a solution to transform a small room into an area that appears light, spacious with perfect placement of furniture, lighting, and that feels like large, bright, and generous home designs.

The Living Kitchen

In Italian design culture, the kitchen has expanded over the years to become somewhere to chill in and socialize, not just
somewhere to cook, clean, and work. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family gathers and make food, and relax together. Creating a setting area near the kitchen is the best idea to make a living kitchen.

Natural Materials

This is the famous feature of an Italian interior design, In which a good use of natural materials like a mix of wood, stones add
more beauty and make eco-friendly home designs.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is an important part of Italian design. For an apartment, a big, dramatic, and sparkling chandelier is a great way to emphasize the height of the flat. Or to create a gentle, diffused, and soft light, consider placing several floors and table lights in the room.